maximum penalty for hit & skip offenders in Ohio

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maximum penalty for hit & skip offenders in Ohio


Let us together as a people, correct a great wrong to the victims of
this crime.
First of all lets address what an accident is, an act that is unavoidable.
lets consider, that this is not an accident.
It is a very serious crime, and should be treated as that not an accident.
reasons being, the person made a conscious choice to leave the scene.
therefore leaving their helpless victim to suffer and die.
are you aware of the meager punishment for a crime of this magnitude?
usually, if its a first offense, they receive community time, if d.w.I.
possibly 2 to 3 years.
now to me that is a slap on the wrist, someone died because of their decision
not to stop and get help."how can this be called an accident, not much more than a minor
traffic offense. we need to send out a message here to those hit & run offenders,and to those who decide to commit this offense that they are committing a homicide, their weapon?
an automobile. these offenders need a stiffer sentence, they took someones life, or injured them greatly. lets demand 10 to 20 years, In the case of causing a death, and 5 to 10 for
causing a injury, as well as leaving the scene.

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This is personal for me, because this happened to my friend. People,let's take a stand, for a most worthy cause.
Being a victim of hit skip years ago in Woodmere Shopping Center, remembered the license plate number and the police took me to the address registered to the plate and I gave a positive ID. This man was driving his father's SUV, reeked of alcohol, and drove with a suspended license. Requested with Allstate Insurance to be present at this individual's court case as this was man had 20+ prior accidents involving alcohol. Case was moved to Bedford at the request of the defendant... turns out he had relatives in the Bedford Courts and subsequently got off with another slap on the wrist. Fortunate that I did not suffer bodily injuries in this accident, but who is to say if this same man did not or will not eventually kill someone from wreckless driving?
Could nepotism be one of the reasons that this driver was not charged... even after turning himeself in?
These types of drivers (criminals) are still amongst us and are getting away with murder!
God help us all!
My girlfriends Geena Adams son In North Olmsted, Ohio On May 2, 2013 at 11:30pm on Brookpark rd 15yr old Malik Adams was the victim of a hit n run left to die in street. May 10th North Olmsted Police says Suspect turns self in and confesses "Thought he hit a deer" police didn't charge OR arrest the suspect and refuse to release any information about the suspect to date... Mayor, Prosecutor, Detectives, chief, safety director ...refuse to talk to our lawyer, comment OR talk to media
My boyfriend and I were in a car accident today (8-19-2010), guy blew the red ligh hit the car on the drivers side, lifted my back bumper off the ground, the car did an 180 and landed on sideways on the passanger, the guy sped off, knowing the car was tipped over with people inside, the car is totalled, I thank God that we both walked away with only lots of cuts and bruises, but I think just a slap on the wrist isn't enough for what happened today.
Why have laws if they are not going to be enforced. What a complete waste of our taxpayer money to let these people off for their felony crimes. Leaving the scene is a crime and should be truly punished as such with nothing short of jail time. As it is, there is no reason to even have traffic laws since they only care about earning money from tickets and not convicting these dangerous felons of the true crime they committed. Hit skip is ridiculous. People need to take responsibility for their actions, and the victims should NEVER be the ones paying the highest price.
This law must be changed. 3 weeks ago we were hit by a drunk driver that left the scene. Not the first time he's done it. Common practice is to leave scene hide them when you get caught make them prove you were drunk. Meanwhile people are in the hospital and you just beat the system.
I was involved in a hit n run on June 23rd, 2009. My whole family was in the car, and we continue with medical issues. They found the person, and yes. He got two tickets, Failing to stop at a red light & Leaving the scene, both MM. He is now fighting them, (Thank Goodness for us) Due to our injuries, and being taken by ambulance, there is a slim chance of hope he does end with a felony. I whole heartly support this issue and recommend all too also.