maximum penalty for hit & skip offenders in Ohio

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maximum penalty for hit & skip offenders in Ohio


Let us together as a people, correct a great wrong to the victims of
this crime.
First of all lets address what an accident is, an act that is unavoidable.
lets consider, that this is not an accident.
It is a very serious crime, and should be treated as that not an accident.
reasons being, the person made a conscious choice to leave the scene.
therefore leaving their helpless victim to suffer and die.
are you aware of the meager punishment for a crime of this magnitude?
usually, if its a first offense, they receive community time, if d.w.I.
possibly 2 to 3 years.
now to me that is a slap on the wrist, someone died because of their decision
not to stop and get help."how can this be called an accident, not much more than a minor
traffic offense. we need to send out a message here to those hit & run offenders,and to those who decide to commit this offense that they are committing a homicide, their weapon?
an automobile. these offenders need a stiffer sentence, they took someones life, or injured them greatly. lets demand 10 to 20 years, In the case of causing a death, and 5 to 10 for
causing a injury, as well as leaving the scene.

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Let the punishment fit the crime.
I was the victim in a hit and run car/bicycle accident. I was left for dead, unconscious in the roadway. If it weren’t for my helmet and the individual who came to my aid and called 911, I would likely not have survived. The case is still in the court system, but I am told that the likely sentence will be community service.